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PhotographyMaggie Lansdown
SpeciesAfrican Elephant
Notugre is home to a diversity of wildlife, from the charismatic elephant shrew to the mighty African elephant.  

It is an excellent breeding ground for Africa’s heaviest flying bird, the kori bustard, and the world’s largest bird, the ostrich. Giraffe were successfully reintroduced in 1984 and we are attempting to reintroduce the wild dog. Notugre is also home to; lion, leopard, cheetah, serval, caracal and African wildcat. 

Elephant provide vital ecosystem services that maintain biodiversity. They are a keystone species and as such are fundamental to the way all the species in the area interconnect. The removal of a keystone species from a habitat has a negative cascading effect on the whole ecosystem and we consider their protection a priority.

The proximity of farming communities has placed considerable pressure on Notugre’s elephant population, this population being one of the largest in Africa. It’s feared that without proper protection the poaching epidemic currently blighting African countries will spread.




Photograph / Roger de la Harpe
Photograph / Roger de la Harpe
Several species face the battle of ever-decreasing numbers, maybe extinction, unless we exercise some power of protection.
In response to this, we have established a reserve-wide Anti-Poaching Unit (APU), recruiting and training armed rangers and guards.


  • 350+ Species
  • 884* Elephants in Notugre
  • 48 large Mammal Species

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*as of 2017 game count.