Sharing some common ground
The Land
PhotographyMaggie Lansdown
Sharing some common ground

Landlocked Botswana is a stable, democratic country with extremes of scorching desert and severe rainy seasons. The country’s game reserves host many thousands of species. In fact, one of the largest population of African elephant lives here. These are key tourist attractions and therefore a major contributor to the economy.

The Northern Tuli Game Reserve (Notugre) is a 72,000-hectare unique game reserve in Botswana. It forms the cornerstone of the 5,909-square kilometre Greater Mapungubwe Transfrontier Conservation Area, one of a series of Peace Parks established in Southern Africa to jointly manage natural and cultural resources across international boundaries. It is a truly special area.

The land is scenically stunning, with dramatically varied topography and habitats – ranging from majestic sandstone ridges through open grassland and marshy areas to riverine forests – resulting in an ecological biodiversity that is especially rich.


Photograph / Roger de la Harpe
Photograph / Roger de la Harpe
Set in a strategic location where the country meets its neighbours South Africa and Zimbabwe at the confluence of two great rivers; the Shashe and the Limpopo.
The long-term vision is for a wildlife area stretching from Notugre to Kruger National Park, some 200km away.

Crop protection is vitally important for farmers. Fences restrict the illegal activity of poachers too and also restrict the transmission of contagious disease like ‘foot and mouth’. We have supported several fencing projects, engaging the skills of several small local businesses. It’s a win win exercise.

  • 72,000 hectares wilderness
  • 884* Elephants in Notugre
  • 48 large Mammal Species

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*as of 2017 game count.