Community Outreach
We help local communities engage with nature and share fairly in its benefits through education and empowerment.
We seek to coordinate, enhance and broaden existing projects in the area, liaise with other charitable organisations and initiate new programmes as appropriate.

As is the case across the world, farming communities living in close proximity to wildlife also face real challenges protecting their crops, livestock and livelihoods.

Notugre is a large local employer and a significant contributor to the local economy. Many individuals and individual properties undertake a range of community outreach programmes here.


Targeted towards all age groups and aimed to increase understanding and engagement so as to reduce human-wildlife conflict and help inspire future wildlife custodians.


Aimed to provide skills development to enable local communities to participate in Notugre from an economic standpoint, through direct employment, self-employment and entrepreneurship. Even though we are only at the start, our projects to date have created work for 25 people. 




Funds granted
3 year project target
BWP 4,000,000
BWP 91,148

Figures as at 30 June 2020

Conservation that builds community
Farming communities living in close proximity to Notugre's wildlife, are facing real challenged protecting their crops, livestock and livelihoods.
We receive regular reports from adjacent communities that their crops are being damaged on an ongoing basis and a number of deaths have also been attributed to human-wildlife conflict.
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Anti-Poaching Unit
As is the case across Africa, poaching is an increasing challenge.
Tuli Fence Upgrade
We have completed the initial 28.8km of the fence and are now embarking on a further 11km rebuild. This fence is critical to keeping both communities and elephant safe.