Tuli Fence Upgrade
We have completed the initial 28.8km of the fence and are now embarking on a further 11km rebuild. This fence is critical to keeping both communities and elephant safe.
Not many people get excited about a fence, but we do.

We understand the importance of a boundary between protected conservation areas and agricultural areas. This will enable humans and wildlife to co-exist harmoniously as good neighbours.

Elephants' close proximity to humans is provoking increased incidences of human-elephant conflict. These interactions can and do result in injury and death of elephant and local people as well as the loss of their crops.

Perhaps most importantly, the fence will provide an effective, sustainable solution to human-elephant conflict.

This project is critical in preserving Notugre’s sanctuary role, and signifies the Trust's dedication to sustainably protect wildlife and enhance the lives of the surrounding communities. The construction of the fence has already provided employment and training for 12 community members. 

Considering its beneficial status of being privately owned, this is one of the genuinely few remaining safe havens for elephant and other species in Botswana and Africa.

“We confirm that armed poachers are locating themselves at strategic locations where the Notugre fence is broken. They wait for game to appear, then shoot it and recover carcasses by driving through the fence” Rex Masupe - Lead Anti-Poaching officer.

Funds granted
3 year project target
BWP 9,100,000
BWP 6,302,220
Fence built
Fence remaining to build

Figures as at 15 December 2021

Some plain truths
Notugre is home to a diversity of wildlife, from the charismatic elephant shrew to the mighty African elephant.  
It is an excellent breeding ground for Africa’s heaviest flying bird, the kori bustard, and the world’s largest bird, the ostrich. Giraffe were successfully reintroduced in 1984 and we are attempting to reintroduce the wild dog. Notugre is also home to; lion, leopard, cheetah, serval, caracal and African wild cat.
The Species
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Anti-Poaching Unit
As is the case across Africa, poaching is an increasing challenge.
Community Outreach
We help local communities engage with nature and share fairly in its benefits through education and empowerment.