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Our mission & vision is to protect the Northern Tuli wildlife and find sustainable solutions to enable harmonious human-wildlife co-existence.

Tuli Conservation Trust was originally established in Botswana in 1993 by the Northern Tuli Game Reserve (Notugre) Land Owners Association, and relaunched in August 2018.

We recognise the potential of protected areas to support conservation initiatives and human development.

By working together as the major contributor to wildlife conservation and lead partner in community upliftment in and around Notugre, we will make a real and meaningful difference and build a lasting platform to protect the area and boost the local economy going forward.

“I consider the Northern Tuli Game Reserve to be a very important conservation area in Southern Africa and am honoured to assist as Veterinary Advisor to the Trust. I share the Trust’s view that conservation areas need to take a holistic approach, not only focusing on ecology but also the socio-economic drivers of neighbouring communities to ensure viable and sustainable co-existence.”

- Veterinary Advisor, Erik Verreynne

Photograph / Janet Kleyn
Photograph / Maggie Lansdown
We are currently focused on three priority projects: a reserve-wide anti- poaching unit, a state of the art backline wildlife fence and local community outreach programmes.
Our projects
We aim to help local communities to engage with nature and share fairly in its benefits through education and empowerment.
We seek to coordinate, enhance and broaden existing projects in the area, liaise with other charitable organisations and initiate new programmes as appropriate.
Community Outreach
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Our projects
As is the case across Africa, poaching is an increasing challenge in Notugre.
Poaching has evolved rapidly from using wire snares to commercial poaching for the bush meat market using more sophisticated methods.
Anti-Poaching Unit
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Our projects
Notugre is one of the last few remaining safe havens for elephant in Botswana and Africa. This fence is critical to keeping them safe.
A boundary between protected conservation areas and agricultural areas is essential, enabling humans and wildlife to co-exist harmoniously as good neighbours.
Fence Upgrade
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