Medical Equipment Donation Completed...
PhotographyAnnie Peatling/Emmah Ditiso
Date05 Jul 2022
Medical Equipment Donation Completed...

Over the period of many months, our Community Liaison Officers (Annie and Emmah) undertook an enormous amount of work collating information about healthcare needs in the villages surrounding Notugre. In February 2022 we were very excited to start this donation project with the first donation being benches and desks. 

In March 2022 we continued with the building and maintenance work needed to install handwashing basins and laundry sinks, all these items being an integral part of daily life within the villages which will enhance their hygiene facilities. 

Whilst this work was taking place, we had ordered a large number of medical supplies including, but not limited to, thermometers, scales, first aid kits, batteries, beds, pots and pans for the maternity ward - items that are vital to run and provide healthcare services. It was decided that once all equipment had been received and checked, handover presentations would be held with each village. 

Over 25th, 26th and 27th April, Annie and Emmah had made appropriate arrangements with each village and a group of government officials and community members to arrange the handovers. Mathathane hosted a more substantial ceremony which members and stakeholders from different organisations and villages were invited to attend. TCTUK Trustees Julia Butterfield and Philipp Graf attended this event as representatives of TCT, taking part in the formal proceedings and viewing the donated equipment and facilities. 

There are many people to thank for the success of his donation - Annie and Emmah for organising the procurement of the medical supplied and the handover ceremonies, and a huge thank you to Jwala Game Reserve and Dopotta Reserve for donating Annie and Emmah's time to this project. We also thank the community members for making the time for us to come and see them, and Mashatu for providing the transportation for the TCT UK Trustees. 

Below are some pictures covering the handovers