Gobojango Horticulture Project
PhotographyAnnie Peatling/Emmah Ditiso
Date22 Aug 2022
Gobojango Horticulture Project

We are kicking off with a new Tuli Conservation Trust project in the village of Gobojango and we can't wait to share its progress with you!

On Thursday 11th August our Community Liaison Officers, Annie and Emmah, met with the Village Development Committee and acting Kgosi of Gobojango as well as the Councilor of the Masego Cluster to share with them the news that the TCT will be sponsoring the electrification of the fence at the community-owned and managed horticulture project situated just outside Gobojango Village.

The Gobojango Horticulture Project has an already existing water reservoir and small irrigation system however the water infrastructure and the crops they wish to grow face the constant threat of roaming elephants. Even a lone elephant can damage the water system and destroy the crops. Although the field is fenced and the community does everything they can to deter these big creatures the need for further protection of their village horticulture project was evident. 

TCT will fund the electrification of the 1.5ha plot with a set of quality, solar-based, elephant protection wires to try and mitigate the risk of human-elephant conflict occurring at this horticulture plot in the future. Human-elephant conflict is a common problem in villages that surround the Northern Tuli Game Reserve, community members can spend days and months ploughing and planting their crops for them to be destroyed in just a few short hours by a group of passing elephants. By developing ways to protect these horticultural areas we not only provide a safe place for community members to grow their crops but we also protect our elephants living within this unique open system. 

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Here is the community coming together to prepare their fence/commitment to the project.