The Tuli Conservation Trust is delighted to welcome Erik Verreynne as Veterinary Advisor.

Commenting on the announcement, Erik said: “I consider the Northern Tuli Game Reserve to be a very important conservation area in Southern Africa and am honoured to be able to assist as Veterinary Advisor to the Trust."

"I share the Trust’s view that conservation areas need to take a holistic approach, not only focusing on the ecology of an area but the socio-economic drivers of the neighbouring communities to ensure viable and sustainable co-existence. The health of the environment is closely linked to the health of the people and their livelihoods. I look forward to helping the Trust with wildlife veterinary issues, research and empowerment of communities relating to animal health.”

Dr FJ (Erik) Verreynne qualified in 1990 as veterinary surgeon and subsequently completed a M. Phil. (Wildlife Management) degree at the University of Pretoria. For the past 20 years he has been involved with various aspects of wildlife conservation, management and research in Southern Africa. He has been resident in Botswana since 2002 and has an intensive knowledge of the region, country and its environment.

Erik is registered as a veterinary surgeon with The Botswana Veterinary Medical Board, the South African Veterinary Council and The Royal College of Veterinary surgeons. He is a member of the South African Veterinary Association Wildlife Group, the technical committee of the Kalahari Conservation Society and the Botswana Rhino Management Committee.