Clinic Project- Bench Collection
PhotographyAnnie Peatling
Date24 Feb 2022
Clinic Project - Bench Collection

Meet Elvis. Elvis is from Semolale Village, one of the six villages on the western boundary of the Northern Tuli Game Reserve (Notugre). Elvis owns a small company called EFG Holdings. Not only is he a fine carpenter and builder, but he is also very creative. TCT contracted Elvis to make benches and desks for the clinic project that we are currently working on. Many of the clinics neighbouring Notugre lack basic infrastructure and these benches and desks will form part of a donation bundle, which will include medical equipment, to clinics in needs. We look forward to sharing updates on the project with you as it progresses.

When working in the communities surrounding Notugre, we try to identify local suppliers for our projects, so that people within our communities can also benefit from a TCT project through the provision of work opportunities. These benches look fantastic, and we are excited for future collaboration with Elvis. 

Elvis handing over the benches to Emmah Ditiso, TCT's Community Liaison Officer for delivery to the clinics. Photo Credit Annie Peatling
Photo Credit Annie Peatling