Clinic Project - Building and Maintenance

Meet Moses Molosiwa,

Moses is from the Mohlabaneng village in the Molema cluster. This village borders Notugre towards the Southern side of the Western boundary. Moses is your resident jack of all trades. Not only can he assist with an array of building and maintenance work but he is also a keen farmer and often supplies the local school, clinic and people with vegetables grown at his small cattle post just outside Mohlabaneng village. Moses was contracted by the TCT to install hand washing basins, double laundry sinks and redo some basic plumbing work at all 6 clinics in the villages on NOTUGRE's Western boundary. There is nothing easy about building and although a sink may look like a simple job to mount on the wall he has had to do a fair amount of excavation work for new water and soakaway pipes along the way. These basin and sink installations fall part of the donations towards the clinic project and making sure they were installed correctly was vital to their positive impact on the clinics hygiene measures. A big shout out to Moses and his hard work over this very hot month of February in Botswana. 

We will update you shortly on the progression of the basins recently installed...