Wildlife Ranger Challenge
PhotographyHolton Photography
Date25 Aug 2020
Wildlife Ranger Challenge

Notugre’s Anti-Poaching Unit has entered a team into the Wildlife Ranger Day Challenge which launched on 31st July 2020. This challenge entails a number of physical activities (push ups, sit ups, burpees), a ranger quiz followed by the main race day event, a 21km run carrying a 22kg backpack, all to raise much needed funds to support African rangers and specifically Notugre’s APU activities. To support and donate to their commendable efforts 


Make a difference by giving to Notugre today, and the Scheinberg Relief Fund will match your donation, amplifying your impact to bring our frontline Wildlife Rangers back to the field. 


Head of the APU Rex Masupe talks us through the preparation for the Wildlife Ranger Challenge