TCT supports Gobojango Community Horticultural Garden

TCT has provided further support to the Notugre communities with the donation of a lithium solar battery to the Gobojango Community Horticultural Garden which is currently under the custodianship of the Village Development Committee (VDC).

The VDC ploughs a variety of vegetable crops, and a portion of the harvest is donated to the elderly and the local primary school to help supplement their diets. The residual yield is thereafter vended to community members in order to raise funds that are subsequently reinvested in other community initiatives carried out by the VDC.

Earlier this year, the VDC contacted TCT to request assistance with a solar electric fence battery because their battery, also funded by TCT, was getting older and nearing its life span. The battery is essential for electrifying the fence surrounding the garden, thereby protecting infrastructure, including crops, from potential wildlife damage as the area is known to be home to a variety of wildlife species, including elephants. 

On 12 June 2024, the community received the solar battery which was proudly funded by TCT, and which replaced the previous battery which had by now come to the end of its useful life. Various community leadership including 5 headmen from the various wards in Gobojango, members of the VDC and local Social and Community Development officers attended the handover event to appreciate the donation. In his speech, Kgosi Keaboka Odirile of Mandelo Ward thanked and applauded TCT for its continuous support for his community. He also mentioned how delighted the Gobojango community is to be partnering with an organisation that prioritises the needs of local communities. He concluded by urging the VDC to take care of the garden's equipment since anything to the contrary will defeat the efforts of all stakeholders involved in fostering increased food security and self-sufficiency in the community.