Western Reserve Fence rebuild
PhotographyPontsho Nteda & Holton Photography
Date16 Jul 2020
Western Reserve Fence rebuild

As one of Tuli Conservation Trust’s ongoing projects it is great news to confirm that re-construction of the fence started again in June. Phase 3 will be completed soon, to be followed immediately by the Phase 4 (each Phase being a 5 km section), thereafter leaving circa 8.8km still to be tackled.

Following various incursions into the reserve through breaches in the fence by individuals mainly attempting to steal cattle and goats, the fence team have been extremely busy with fence repairs. All appropriate measures have been taken to make the fence maintenance team more effective & efficient in dealing with the repair of fence breaches, be it wildlife challenging the fence line, and/or poachers or stock thieves cutting the fence to commit wildlife and other crimes. It was therefore decided to set up accommodation for the maintenance team, with the permission from the Botswana Department of Veterinary Services (BDVS), at the most targeted lengths of the fence. The team (Abraham and Pono) have received bicycles, first aid kits, foot pumps and tube repair kits for daily patrols on the fence.

Speedy reaction and repairs to the fence are crucial in the drive to improve reserve security to mitigate HWC and maintain investments and infrastructure.

Thanks goes to BDVS for making the establishment of the staff accommodation possible