Originally raised in Mopipi village, central Botswana, I travelled to Gaborone to start my tertiary education path with a Degree in Hospitality management which is where my passion to work with people in the communities began. 

After university I worked as a Business Academy lecturer, a role which included providing training on Leadership and Governance, and through that role I worked with many Community Trusts which helped me to gain a deeper understanding about their relationships with the communities. At this time, I also completed a further Diploma in Purchasing and Supply Management through distance learning. 

With these qualifications I was able to obtain employment as an Admin/host, progressing to assistant manager for lodges in the Okavango Delta where I continued to grow in community development and acted as a liaison between my employer and the community close to the concession in which we worked. My main aim was to work with and empower the Vuche Vuche women through developing their small businesses associated with basket weaving which supplied curios at local lodges, enabling these women to support their families. By guiding village tours for tourists, I was also able to share the rich and unique culture of the area with visitors from all around the world. 

In 2017 I was offered a job at Dopotta Game Reserve within the Northern Tuli Game Reserve (Notugre) as the Reserve Manageress. Dopotta Game Reserve also prided themselves in supporting the local community and this allowed me to extend my skills to a new area and continue to make a difference. Growing my interest in community development I worked closely with Annie from Jwala Game Reserve to extend our efforts to other villages surrounding Notugre with the support of our shareholders. Each time we worked on a project, our knowledge of the local villages deepened and broadened, providing us with an ever-greater understanding of the needs in the different communities. 

Helping the villages provides benefits for many in the communities surrounding Notugre, some of whom work not only on the reserves we manage but in the whole of Notugre. Further involving myself with the Tuli Conservation Trust (TCT) as their Community Liaison Officer has come at the perfect time. I believe that with the passion I have for helping the community and the passion TCT has, together we can better the lives of the communities neighbouring the reserve.